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Chef Ali Gonzalez in an interview about sustainable restuarants

Ali is an executive culinary leader possessing a dynamic ability to create modernistic approaches and steer enterprise-wide launches and restaurant transformations by improving operational processes and leading with creative flair and proven business practices. He directs strategic planning, and precise operational management, and spearheads organizations by aligning high-performance teams with corporate vision and by closely monitoring outcomes to forge the delivery of world-class cuisine.

About Ali Gonzalez

Ali held the role of Executive Chef for Memphis Minnies, Bon Appetit, Hyatt Regency, and Sheraton Hotels as his career trajectory evolved into one of Leadership at each progression. His first organizational leadership role was as a District Executive Chef for the Compass Group where he honed his skills by leading catering services for ABC and Paramount Production sets, modernizing menus, and professional training staff. Based on the exceptional quality of his work, he soon coordinated large catering events with $150k budgets and catering for up to 800 people for Ford’s Premier Automotive Line(Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar,

He oversaw corporate dining and led multi-site operations with annual sales of $9MM. Supervising fifteen managers and over 100 food service employees, Ali launched two multi-million-dollar dining centers for Inuit, Inc., managed eleven accounts and eighteen cost centers which accrued over $9.5MM in yearly revenue, and mentored US Navy cooks from the USS Dewey in participation of the “Adopt a Ship Program.”

Providing oversight of two culinary school campuses, he used his management skills to facilitate weekly staff meetings, collaborate with procurement teams, and pioneer sustainable preparation techniques to achieve restaurant turnarounds.

Turning the page of a new chapter of his career, in 2021, Ali began his own business specializing in Restaurant Startups and Transforming struggling establishments into prosperous endeavors. Utilizing his expansive experience and understanding of contract negotiations, food service contracts, profit improvement, and chef training, he constructs one-to-three-year plans to achieve business growth and success.

Ali holds a Professional Chef Program certification from the California Culinary Academy and additional certifications from the Culinary Institute of America that are equivalent to or exceed a bachelor's degree. Ali is the author of “The Sustainable Restaurant Plan,” and among his career accomplishments are the Salon Award, the Honorable Chef Award, the Culinary Excellence Award, the 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award, and has been featured in newspapers for his giant Award-Winning gingerbread houses.

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