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“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring the soul to the recipe.”

Our Selection of Services

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New Restaurant Start-ups And Operations

  • Startup Services - Planning & Development
  • Digital marketing platform
  • New technology development
  • Brand design & development
  • Concept development & innovation
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Training & Development

  • Operation Team Building
  • Culinary Development Courses
  • Front of House Development
  • Health & Wellness - plant base and vegetarian
  • Sustainability & Food Ethics
  • Hospitality Management - Putting Principles into Practice
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Restaurant & Food Service Operations

  • Operation Auditing & Structure
  • Menu Development
  • Team Cultivating
  • Sales & Procurement Optimization
  • Restaurant & Food Trends - Shaping the Future of the Industry
  • Turnarounds
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True Collaborative Partners

Commercial restaurants are typically privately owned by an independent operator or franchise owner or by the chain itself. Noncommercial food operations are owned and operated by an overseeing organization - Corporate foodservice and college cafeterias for instance.

To be a truly collaborative partner to our customers, we share personalized insights and bring winning ideas optimized for each customer's goals and environment.

Sustainable Culinary Solutions partners with all branches in the food service industry - Corporate Foodservice, New Restaurant Startups, Turnarounds, Franchises, Entrepreneurs, College Cafeterias, and Retail. Let's face reality, at this time our profit margin is extremely low (if any), and we all have extreme difficulties with product costs, labor costs, and potential lawsuits hanging over our heads. The Sustainable Culinary Solutions team is here to work with you so that we take these liabilities off the table.


We Keep A Pulse On Industry Changes

Restaurant food suppliers are vendors that sell products directly to restaurants, whether wholesale purveyors or local farms. The critical function of a restaurant supplier is to allow a restaurant to purchase products at lower prices to increase its profit margins.

Sustainable Culinary Solutions identifies targets quicker, discovers whitespace, and collaborates more effectively with customers using our foodservice market experience. In addition, we keep a real-time pulse on changes in consumer and operator attitudes with market-specific data, brand insights, and custom research.

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Concept development & innovation

Harness the power of the leading food consultants with SCS.

Predict trends, innovate your ideas, and find new customers with astounding ease.

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Tracking Time-Keeping

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Transparency into work processes

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Increased accountability in employees

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Understanding of your billing and operational efficiency

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Knowledge where resource demand is the highest

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Tracking how the budget gets burned

Awareness of Employment Laws

Claims Commonly Seen In The Restaurant Industry Include:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Harassment - 1st and 3rd party
  • Discrimination - 1st and 3rd party
  • Emotional Distress
  • Wage and Hour

In the current climate, lawsuits from employees or ex-employees are becoming increasingly common. Over the last 20 years, there has been a 400% increase in employee lawsuits across all industries—with a 260% increase in wrongful termination suits1. The financial repercussions of these lawsuits can be financially crippling to a business owner if not properly covered.

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A lawyer meeting with her client and a business owner reviewing paperwork from her

Lower The risk of Potential Liabilities

Owners Face Many Risks In Their Daily Operations

Looking at the restaurant industry specifically, owners today face many risks in their standard day-to-day operations. Lawsuits against restaurants have doubled in the past decade, most likely due to the complex nature of Wage and Hour Claims and the lack of understanding that many employers have regarding the laws. So, if you’re a restaurant owner, how can you protect yourself and your business from this exposure?

The best practice for a restaurant owner is to engage a labor attorney to review their overall operations and make sure they are in line with the FLSA. Below are some additional proactive measures an owner can take to ensure there are no disputes. All these measures take time and labor to put effectively in place, Sustainable Culinary Solutions has the team with the experience to assist you with bringing all these to date.

  • Maintain accurate and complete employee records
  • Have an employee handbook that outlines all the guidelines related to payroll
  • Keep track of all pay records on a weekly basis
  • Make sure all employees are properly classified
  • Keep track of all changes related to time records
  • Keep all data easily accessible in an electronic format

Still Planning?

The Sustainable Restaurant Plan

You can get started with my book which reveals how to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and maximize profits.

The Sustainable Restaurant Plan

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