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Chef Ali Gonzalez

Chef Ali Gonzalez, Owner, Sustainable Culinary Solutions

” I have food at heart, and I utilize this passion to develop and nurture teams’ mindsets.  Through my teachings, even the most seasoned professionals begin to truly understand the importance of taste, in leading sustainable change in the food world”. 

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Create a Sustainable Operation

Reinvent your customer’s experience.  An Innovative Approach to Wellness, Farm to Fork Menus, and Transparency through your operation!

The food industry is constantly changing, pushing the limit of what chefs can come up with next. As the industry changes, we must change with it. Sustainable practices in restaurant operations are pushing around the world for more, Plant Based options, Gluten Free options, and Reduction in our carbon footprint.

SCS Philosophy?

Sustainable operations will lead the future and make a huge impact on our planet.  Every operation has an opportunity to thrive while making a real difference.

Our Values:

  • Serving healthy, nutrient-dense sustainable foods that good for our overall health and environment.
  • Running a proper, sustainable operation that is encompassed in local sourced goods and innovation.
  • Nurturing minds with core content, skill development, and empowerment.  Through leadership, teamwork, and communication.
  • Giving feel good food experiences, through transparency without compromise.

What we stand for:

Transparency through sustainable practices that focus on Healthy, fresh tasty foods: Improving quality of life to support a stable environment of a broken food chain.

And what we deliver:

Our team trains and educate culinarians while boosting businesses to a more profitable and sustainable driven operation.  One that is manageable and unique to its’ brand.  30 years of expert  restaurant experience, put the correct practices in place.  We strive to eliminate challenges the food industry is suffering.

Having a restaurant consultant can be the best move you make in these difficult times as we go through temporary and permanent adjustments

Our team understands that our livelihood is at risk during this COVID-19 pandemic.  We must find better ways to innovate and adapt our businesses to what is essential in the dining industry.

Most if not all restaurants had to close their doors to the public, leaving them with two options: closing their restaurants until this pandemic is resolved or using the alternative food delivery option.  The very heart of our industry has been threatened.  Let us stay the course of progress and positivity to help one another reinstate confidence with our customers.  Take advantage of our free consultation as you take all necessary measures to safeguard your staff, while ensuring that your food safety requirements are met.

Some preventative measures SCS suggest you must consider during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Employees have been tested
  2. Do not encourage customers to use take-out ware (such as disposable utensils, napkins and condiments to minimize contamination)
  3. ServSafe and HACCP implementation re-training in English and Spanish (to create credibility of the restaurant to the public eye, ensure that environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly)
  4. Take away risks from customer to waitstaff (by adding a new and revised busser program and in addition, giving higher levels of cleaning and disinfecting of the dining areas)
  5. Limit how contaminants enter the facilities (single point of contact in receiving/how product enters the building)
  6. Stay informed on CDC, federal, state, and/or local government changes (look for continuous updates)

Here at Sustainable Culinary Solutions we are engaged and aware of your current needs of delivering higher service.  During these trying times, we prioritize and take pride in delivering positive results.

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Sustainable Menu Development

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Recipe Development & Testing

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Health & Sanitation

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow - SCS

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

—Audrey Hepburn

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